Environmental Responsibility

Environmental preservation is part of Diatom’s production process.

We have furnaces with automated combustion controls, which results in less fuel burned and contributes to reduced emissions.

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The company works with 50% renewable energy, through the use of Biomass


The modernization of Logistics, using larger vehicles with more efficient electronic engines, allowed us to reduce specific diesel consumption by 26%.

The implementation of SASSMAQ requires us to take great care of the environment, such as:

  • Black smoke control;
  • Noise and waste control;
  • Implementation of specific training for drivers.

The Fazenda Boa Vista group is made up of 10 properties, namely:


Our commitments

regularizacao ambiental

Environmental Regularization

All our activities are in accordance with applicable regulations and legislation.

preservacao ambiental

Environmental Preservation

We guarantee environmental preservation and invest in preserving the environment.



We seek to continually improve our products and production techniques.

responsablidade social

Social Responsibility

We value our collaborators and invest in the construction of a more just world


At Diatom, environmental preservation and development go hand in hand.

The Boa Vista Farms properties, which belong to the Diatom Group, are located in the rural area of the municipality of Delfim Moreira, in the south of Minas Gerais, and together occupy an area of approximately 1208 hectares (12,080,000 square meters).


More than 50% of the total area is occupied by remnants of native vegetation, totaling approximately 690 hectares of preserved forest.


This area is part of the Serra da Mantiqueira Environmental Protection Area – (APASM), which is a Sustainable Use Conservation Unit created in order to guarantee the conservation of the landscape and regional culture (Federal Decree 91.304/1985).

Serra da Mantiqueira is one of the largest and most important mountain ranges in the southeast region and is of extreme ecological importance. It integrates the Atlantic Rainforest biome with fields, forests, and the Araucaria forest, which is restricted to this location. Among the characteristic animals of the Sierra de Mantiqueira are the maned wolf, the brown jaguar, the ocelot and the howler monkey.

In the other areas of consolidated use, the main activity developed is focused on planting eucalyptus for the production of biomass, which totals around 350 hectares. 

It should be noted that all activities related to planting, harvesting and transportation are carried out in accordance with environmental legislation.

We value nature and work in harmony with legislation, always seeking a balance between progress and conservation.


89% of the total area is made up of vegetated area (Native forest + reforestation)

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100% of the preserved area is located in the Serra da Mantiqueira APA

The Serra da Mantiqueira APA was elected the 8th most irreplaceable protected area on the planet by the international Union for Conservation of Nature

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Administrative Service

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Sustainable Agriculture

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Native forest

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Administrative Service

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Total Area

We have constant action within the group whose objective is to reforest areas that have had vegetation removed by nature or human action.

Committed to the environment, we spontaneously began to plant a variety of native and fruit trees, seeking to improve, restore, maintain and conserve local biodiversity.

Thus ensuring the reconstruction of the ecological processes that maintain plant dynamics, ensuring their sustainability and their effective role in the conservation of ecosystems.

These areas are of great ecological and social importance, their function is to preserve water resources, the landscape, geological stability, biodiversity, the gene flow of fauna and flora, protect the soil and ensure the well-being of human populations.

The ecosystem conservation of 122,615.56 m2 (59.02%) of Dense Ombrophylous Forest stands out, thus ensuring natural water reservoirs and conservation of local biodiversity.


Use of energy sources that are renewable

Uso de fuentes de energía que sean renovables.

Reduction of atmospheric emissions

Reduction in the generation of solid waste;

Recycling of waste;

Conscious use and reuse of natural resources such as water, electrical energy, etc.;

Industrial Water Reuse

The reuse of industrial water is a sustainable practice that we adopt in our activities. One of the main reasons for reusing this resource is to preserve the environment and reduce the capture of this increasingly scarce resource.

All effluent generated in our activities is treated and reused in the production process.