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About Diatom

Reference in Latin America in the production of silicates, synthetic silicas and zeolites.


We offer high-quality products, as well as intelligent services and solutions targeted at the needs of our customers.

Diatom's portfolio covers all specifications of alkali metal silicates (Sodium, Potassium and Lithium), Sodium Metasilicate, Precipitated Silica (Precipitated Silicon Dioxide), Sodium Metasilicate, Zeolites and Diatomites.

Our products are intended for different segments of the industry, where we offer raw materials for the composition of various products and auxiliary products for processes.

Our History

Enrique Bonifacio

Honorary President

Word from the President of Diatom's Group

The eternal search for excellence in what we do, the constant fight against the Misery that so many times wanted to swallow us, and the war continues so that relationships at work are increasingly frank, more open, more ethical and more egalitarian has been the essence of the body and soul of this company. 

The legacy of this valuable working group, which I had the honor of helping to form and lead for a few decades, has this as its hallmark.

 As a company, we always find good paths in the midst of difficulties; and most of the time, the victory was ours. 

Discouragement has never been an impediment, because faith in God has always been greater and his blessing has always been with us, which is why in the midst of so many trials and temptations we are standing. 

The future does not scare us, it is just another challenge to be overcome, with love, courage, ethics, discipline, knowledge and especially faith.

May our great God continue to bless us and bless all our journey companions.

Specialized Technical Support

Thus, we ensure that we contribute to a better future where we combine our activities with environmental protection, sustainability, technology and social responsibility.


We seek to ensure sustainable growth. To achieve this, we are committed to a high standard of ethics and quality.


We believe that a healthy work environment is made up of a competent and engaged team and that this contributes to the company's good results. Committed to the environment, seeking to improve, restore, maintain and conserve local biodiversity.


● Boa comunicação
● Sustentabilidade
● Ética
● Qualidade


gestao qualidade

The Diatom Group is committed to respecting society, the environment and the quality of its products.