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Bonder Plus

Bonder Plus
Inorganic Sodium Silicate based adhesive

  • Sticker for Corrugated Paper, Kraft Paper Tubes and barrels, Semi-Kraft or recycled,
  • Largely used in Thermal and Acoustic Isolation Vermiculite or Ceramic Slabs based,
  • Great resistance to humidity after application,
  • Excellent mechanical resistance,
  • High concentration of solids,
  • Optimum initial grip,
  • In the process, acts as corrosion inhibitor em carbon steel components,
  • Does not smell and is not harmful to health,
  • Economic and Ecologic.

Specially developed to be used as adhesive in the production of paper tubes and barrels, angles, and thermal and acoustic isolation, Bonder-Plus is basically a modified sodium silicate with properties as high resistance to longitudinal compression, high dimensional stability, low humidity absorption and high tack, which allows a gain of productivity, increasing the equipment speed made possible by the use of Bonder-Plus.



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