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Our history


The founder of Gaetano Bonigacio Group started the production of Silicate in Argentina in 1956, and the first 300 tonnes where sourced to William Chemicals.

Two new units were subsequently installed in Uruguay and in Brazil, in São Paulo city in the year 1962, named COPASIL ( Companhia Paulista de Silicato), and in 1974 COPASIL was taken over by I.C.I..

In 1972 our first sister company, Fazenda Retiro do Cambaú, was founded, with activities in the sectors of reforesting, wood industrialization, plant resin and fine chemicals.

In 1981,  Resibrás Indústria e Comércio de Produtos Químicos Ltda was founded, starting its activities in sodium silicate and derivatives production, whose capacity has been increased year after year ever since.

In 1987, the company  Bonifacio Transporte e Logística, which today is Diatom Logística, was founded, aiming at working together with the Group to offer our clients in common differentiated services added to our products. The partnership  Diatom & Bonifacio was so successful that nowadays it has an important position in the group, receiving priority investments in the area.

In 1990, Resibrás took over Diatom Mineração Ltda, and incorporated Diatomita to its product line. The acquisition of Diatom aimed at expanding the capacity, with the installation of a new Sodium Silicate and Sodium Metasilicate Pentahydrated industrial mill, located in a total area of 279,000 sq meters, in the Taboão neighborhood, in Mogi das Cruzes city.

In March 2000, Diatom started the production of precipitated silica and Sodium aluminosilicate, destined for the rubber, shoes, chemical, micronutrients, animal feed and paint industries e for agriculture.

In 2002, Diatom started its activities in the world largest city, Mexico D.F..

In 2003, the Rio de Janeiro branch was installed, consolidating Diatom as the largest Silicate producer in Latin America.