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Diatom is a Brazilian multinational corporation, a leader in the production of sodium silicate, synthetic silicas and zeolites in Latin America. Diatom’s products are of the highest quality, and we offer services and intelligent solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Our portfolio includes all the specifications of alkali metal silicates (sodium, potassium and lithium), sodium metasilicate, precipitated silica (synthetic silicon dioxide), sodium silicoaluminate, zeolites and diatomites.


Our products are engineered for diverse sectors of industry. We offer the raw materials necessary for the composition of many products, as well as auxiliary products for various processes. Some examples of our work can be seen in: soap and detergent production, catalysts, chemicals, dyes and pigments, textiles, paper and cellulose, stickers, construction, mining, agriculture, agrochemical fertilizers, smelting, ceramics, insulation and refractory, personal care, cosmetics, cleaning products, food industry, beverages, oils and lubricants, petroleum extraction, welding and electrodes, metallic surfaces treatment, rubber products, shoes, pneumatics, animal nutrition, water treatment and effluents.


Diatom offers broad technical support to our clients, thus ensuring our competitive edge in a continuously-evolving market. Diatom contributes to a better future by combining production with environmental protection, sustainability, technology and social responsibility.