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Water Treatment


In order to protect metals and tubing against corrosive attack, Diatom indicates the use of Sodium Silicates, which form a protecting membrane in the surface of the area, inhibiting corrosion in systems of potable water and water for industrial use. Silicate also prevents water coloring, acting as a “scavenger” of iron and manganese.

Another product indicated is the Diatomite, produced by Diatom, which act as filters in potable and industrial water treatment and in industrial waste treatment. Diatomite forms a pre-layer in the wall of the filter, improving filtering flows, as well as helping to retain particulates, eliminating turbidity.


Sodium Silicate

Sodim Silicate is a chemical product of vast application, besides being a substitute in formulas and process seeking  for a environmentally friendly alternative.

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Anhydrous sodium metasilicate

Due to its detergent power in grease and clay material removal, it is largely used in industrial cleaning, cloth washing, cotton bleaching, paper bleaching and particularly as alkaline degreasing.

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The definition of application of Diatomite depends on the size and structure of the carapaces and varies according to the region from where it is extracted, and to the treatment used in the  processing.

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