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Because it is simple, low cost and easy to handle, Sodium Silicate is used for melting ferrous, non-ferrous, metals and alloys in molding and core making as an agglomerating agent in the SILICATE/CO2 process. Silicate is added to sand and, when mixed and molded, it reacts with carbon dioxide (CO2) provoking the hardening of molds and tongues, making it ready for the application of melted material.


Another great advantage of the SILICATE/CO2 process is the fact that it is environmentally friendly, and does not offer any risk of environmental contamination or elimination of toxic gases to the atmosphere during the molding and core making process.


Sodium Silicate

Sodim Silicate is a chemical product of vast application, besides being a substitute in formulas and process seeking  for a environmentally friendly alternative.

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