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Soil Consolidation

Consolidação de solos

The Consolidation process is based on the formation of a Silicon gel from Sodium Silicate and an adequate reactor, which aggregates the soil particles that must support heavy loads or that is permeable to water, in opening tunnels, galleries, foundations, sealing against infiltration in the underground and construction of roads. This technique allows to carry out projects that would otherwise seem unfeasible.


The Silicate of Sodium most indicated to this practice is the neutral R3342, where it is injected with high pressure together with other reactors. The type of reactor and the concentration to be used is defined according to the characteristics of the soil to be consolidated, such as type of mineral, soil gradation, porosity and density. In some cases, the nature of the soil itself can provoke the necessary reaction, depending on the purpose of the work and the process to be used.



Sodium Silicate

Sodim Silicate is a chemical product of vast application, besides being a substitute in formulas and process seeking  for a environmentally friendly alternative.

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Product with high concentration of soluble silicon developed to increase productivity and resistance and to regulate the loss of water in crops.

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