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Due to the high superficial energies presented by post-ceramics in a liquid environment, Van der Waals forces act to destabilize suspensions through the formation of agglomerates. The Alkaline Sodium Silicate is used to eliminate these effects, neutralizing reactivity among particles.

In labs, the efficiency of deflocculants is usually investigated through the deflocculation curves, which aim at determining the lowest necessary amount of deflocculating to conduct suspensions to its lowest levels of apparent viscosity.

The Alkaline Sodium Silicates R2252 and R1756 have the ideal Na2O and SiO2 concentrations for Clay Deflocculation as well as for casting slips control for sanitary porcelain, paying special attention to the procedures adopted in the Brazilian industry.


Sodium Silicate

Sodim Silicate is a chemical product of vast application, besides being a substitute in formulas and process seeking  for a environmentally friendly alternative.

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