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Sodium Silicate is used in the production of adhesives for the industries of paper tubes and barrels, Corrugated Paper, Fiberglass, Ceramics, Foundry, among others. During the dehydration process of the Sodium Silicate solution there is an increase in viscosity, making the product sticking until its complete curing, producing a glassy, adhering, dry and resistant layer.

See how the complete process occurs with our product:

Initially, the Sodium Silicate is diluted until the desired penetration into paper is achieved. Then it is applied by immersion or aspersion, where a sraper jointed to the system shall limit the formation of the product's membrane, allowing a good penetration of silicate into the paper. The water of the silicate absorbed by the substrate evaporates, increasing its viscosity until a glassy and adhering membrane is formed, increasing product's resistance.


Sodium Silicate

Sodim Silicate is a chemical product of vast application, besides being a substitute in formulas and process seeking  for a environmentally friendly alternative.

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Specially developed to be used as adhesive in the production of paper tubes and barrels, angles, and thermal and acoustic isolation, Bonder-Plus is basically a modified sodium silicate with properties as high resistance to longitudinal compression, high dimensional stability, low humidity absorption and high tack, which allows a gain of productivity, increasing the equipment speed made possible by the use of Bonder-Plus.

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